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Quora’s misogyny problem: A cautionary tale

In addition to its “Indian Problem,” Quora is now a terrible misogynistic site?

Are there two Quoras now? There used to be just one and it was the most politically correct place online dominated by a pack of radfems and their camp followers who made life there miserable for the average person with moderate views on most topics from politics to sexuality. Quora went out of its way to pander to this mob. The shrill pack drove many of the original and better members away during the first two years. If you didn’t fall in line with their positions, they ganged up on you and, of course, Marc Nudnick always sided with them and was only too eager to hit the delete member button.

But now according to this piece by an intrepid grrl reporter from ZDNet Quora has evolved into a pit of misogyny:

“Quora’s misogyny problem” is a tempest out of the teapot, and it’s a perfect example of why user-based websites need to change the way they think about targeted users.

What women have been going through on Quora is harrowing: Harassment and threats, stalking on and off the site, and an atmosphere that enables ongoing targeting with moderators that don’t understand, or help.

That’s because Quora’s baseline of “normal” behavior around gender is all screwed up — and it was made that way.


Your standard issue man-hating radfem.

Our question is this: Has it really? Has it really turned into a pit of misogyny or is something else going on here? Could this be blowback from the sane people on Quora? Blowback from the biggest collection of ultra-liberal users to be found anywhere online against the relentless radfem whining about sexism and misogyny?

Think about it.

No matter how worthy the cause, if people are forced to endure nonstop screaming from a shrill mob of radicals odds are high that they will eventually reach a snapping point. While we certainly don’t condone any of the behavior that’s been alleged to have occurred on Quora such as threats, stalking, and harassment, it can’t be denied that our radfem friends sometimes go over the line and trigger a backlash.

As the old saying goes, you sow what you reap.

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