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Quora’s misogyny problem: A cautionary tale

In addition to its “Indian Problem,” Quora is now a terrible misogynistic site?

Are there two Quoras now? There used to be just one and it was the most politically correct place online dominated by a pack of radfems and their camp followers who made life there miserable for the average person with moderate views on most topics from politics to sexuality. Quora went out of its way to pander to this mob. The shrill pack drove many of the original and better members away during the first two years. If you didn’t fall in line with their positions, they ganged up on you and, of course, Marc Nudnick always sided with them and was only too eager to hit the delete member button.

But now according to this piece by an intrepid grrl reporter from ZDNet Quora has evolved into a pit of misogyny:

“Quora’s misogyny problem” is a tempest out of the teapot, and it’s a perfect example of why user-based websites need to change the way they think about targeted users.

What women have been going through on Quora is harrowing: Harassment and threats, stalking on and off the site, and an atmosphere that enables ongoing targeting with moderators that don’t understand, or help.

That’s because Quora’s baseline of “normal” behavior around gender is all screwed up — and it was made that way.


Your standard issue man-hating radfem.

Our question is this: Has it really? Has it really turned into a pit of misogyny or is something else going on here? Could this be blowback from the sane people on Quora? Blowback from the biggest collection of ultra-liberal users to be found anywhere online against the relentless radfem whining about sexism and misogyny?

Think about it.

No matter how worthy the cause, if people are forced to endure nonstop screaming from a shrill mob of radicals odds are high that they will eventually reach a snapping point. While we certainly don’t condone any of the behavior that’s been alleged to have occurred on Quora such as threats, stalking, and harassment, it can’t be denied that our radfem friends sometimes go over the line and trigger a backlash.

As the old saying goes, you sow what you reap.

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4 Responses to Quora’s Rampant Misogyny Problem

  • My money is the we-are-all-equal mob now demanding special protections on Quora and elsewhere.

  • By the way that red head is pure evil. A total shrew.

  • Quora has a huge lesbian problem as well.

  • Read the comments on Violet Blue’s article. They certainly back what she says.

    And, read my comments here regarding whether one can believe Marc Bodnick

    Maybe he just swings with the wind making purely commercial decisions about who is the fastest growing user base? Today it’s US conservatives so he is all eager to block anyone who claims their views are inherently hateful or that they back torture or war crimes. Tomorrow who knows? He may decide that Islam is a growth market and encourage jihadis to pile on to debate the Quran, taking cash from the NSA et al to spy on them.

    A lack of principle and transparency is a lack of principle and transparency. What is wrong here is that any one person, not some objective reliable and judicial-like process, is making those decisions. Jimmy Wales gave up making those decisions personally at Wikipedia in what, 2003? So why is Bodnick still involved at all? Why does Quora not have an ArbCom, rules with acronymical names, and many volunteers? Oh. Yeah. It’s privately owned.

    The basic problem is that Quora has made a business decision to cater to investor and user interests, such as US conservatives, and is sensitive not to drive them off, no matter how utterly hate-crazed or insane their claims are, these are to be treated with “respect”.

    Meanwhile in oh say Canada the Supreme Court ruled that citing hate quotes from the Bible as you hit someone makes it a hate crime. So… how exactly is an English speaking person in Canada using Quora supposed to interpret hate rants? As attacks? That seems fair enough by the law and culture they live in. But on Quora they are exposed to a quite different culture of US conservatives and libertarians desperately trying to “cash out” before their lack of actual user growth catches up with them.

    Systemic bias (which by the way Wikipedia acknowledges exists, at least)
    is a major problem on any online service but it’s worse in an English-only, US, privately owned service. The motive to “out” whole classes of vulnerable users, like the recent facebook “tranny” mass outing, is much higher when you’ve told investors and future advertisers that “everyone uses their real name”. Um. No. They aren’t. It’s the gullible who believe that and expose themselves that get the worst of the bad consequences of a claimed-but-not-enforced identity policy. Anyway…

    Forget sexism. Forget it entirely. If sexism is Quora’s fault then we’d expect to see other systematic hate and prejudice popping up, not just against women, since the same policies and systemic biases must apply to more than women.

    And we do. “the “Black People” Internet Test, wherein the phrase “black people” is searched on a given online community. High results usually indicate a simple, ignorant user base—the kind of internet morons who tend to make sweeping generalizations that begin with the words “black people.” Quora, despite all of its esoteric overtones, scores quite high:”

    So, gotta say, this reads like your personal dislike of Violet Blue or her clique.

    All evidence is that Quora is failing its users on tests of principle and prejudice.

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