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The Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton

Here we go:

Take it for granted that the little people owe you the presidency for staying put during Monicagate.

Don’t bother presenting any plans or policies to inspire voters. Instead just libel, slander, and smear your opponent.

Smear voters who simply can’t trust a compulsive liar as “deplorables.”

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The Game of Thrones producers have yet again triggered and enraged the feminist blogosphere with a scene involving Brianne and Tormund Giantsbane.

In the scene the pair have mounted their horses to accompany Jon Snow to Winterfell. As they wait for the signal to move we see Tormund inflicting his male gaze upon poor Brianne who is lost in thought. Suddenly she senses that someone is objectifying her and instinctively turns to her right. There she catches Tormund in the act of victimizing her with this odious microaggression. Upon being caught red-handed, he sheepishly flashes a smile at her as she turns away in disgust.

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